Nenad Popovic

Procosmo – authorized for training and issuance of certificates

Procosmo Medica d.o.o. is authorized by the manufacturer for training and issuance of certificates to buyers of Genosys products that are professionally engaged in micro-needling treatments. Training’s are held 1 to 1 and include theoretical and practical part. The duration of training is tailored to the individual needs of the attendees and our support for further work is implied. The training schedule is defined in accordance with the buyer of Genosys micro-needling product.


Nenad Popovic

AMWC Monaco 2016 – ALMA Laser

During the AMWC congress in Monaco, one of distribution agreements we signed, which we are especially proud of, is the agreement with the Israeli producer of top quality equipment for aesthetic and dermatological procedures ALMA Laser. Special emphasis in their portfolio is given to Epilation lasers of Soprano series that provide comfort, safety and speed during use.

Distinctiveness and quality of this manufacturer is known throughout the world, and now their products can be purchased in our country. Training and technical assistance are provided for each customer.


Nenad Popovic

AMWC Monaco 2016

Traditionally, in late March every year, the largest congress of anti-age medicine takes place in Monaco – AMWC. The Congress brings together doctors from all over the world as well as the most famous brands and manufacturers.

This year as well, Procosmo participated in the event and was part of the exhibition team of DTS, which has introduced Genosys and Mesosys product lines to doctors and visitors.

Since Genosys and Mesotrax brands are marketed in the countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Greece, Turkey and many other countries, another meeting of distributors was held at which best practises and the growing number of satisfied customers were discussed.

Nenad Popovic

Genosys – Snowcell set

One of the products that stands out in the Genosys palette is definitely SnowCell set, for enzyme pealing with peptides, which brightens the skin, prevents the formation of new hyper-pigmentation, and it is special because it can be used during periods with lots of sunshine, even before and after laser treatment, without fear of side effects. The treatment is not painful and can be combined with ultrasound facial cleaning. The set contains enzyme powder and the activator as well as the finishing serum with 7 peptides. In addition to its primary effects in preventing the formation and removal of existing skin stains, Genosys SnowCell finishing serum provides deep nourishment of the skin with anti-aging effect.


Nenad Popovic

Regional Congress of corrective dermatology – Ljubljana

The Regional Congress of corrective dermatology was held from 17th to 20th September 2015 in Ljubljana. The Congress was attended by numerous doctors specializing in dermatology, surgery and aesthetic medicine in the region. In addition, the Congress was attended by a few selected exhibitors, to include our company as well. In parallel with this event, our registered office in Ljubljana was established.